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Hi there, Bestowers!

Welcome to Bestowd, the perfect place to find the perfect gift for anyone!

So, what is Bestowd?

Bestowd is a social platform created with the sole purpose of easing the process of finding that perfect gift for any specific someone. The process is simply based on Amazingly Curated Gift Galleries focused on specific passions and personalities or profiles that fit that lucky person.

Who hasn't had trouble finding a gift for someone? For our brother, our mum, stepmum, kids' friends, friend's kids, that friend who doesn't like anything but we know looooves cats... or even for our significant other! With Bestowd, you can navigate our curated gift galleries, which will ease your search and even make it fun. You can follow your friends to see what their interests are and get birthday reminders! Peep in their Picks and get inspired to find that perfect gift. And not only that, you can even pick three options (Top 3 Pick) and send them anonymously to the lucky receiver so that they can, ultimately, pick the one they love the most! (or ask you to keep looking).

We also have the ability, especially with our super handy and Beautiful Chrome Extension, for you to curate your own Awesome Picks! Treat it as your very own Showroom: Your go-to place to keep your nice-to-have's, your wanted stuff, or even your everyday needs! We may just look to you for inspiration and curation for future Galleries.

Thank you for visiting our site and hope you have a blast Bestowing!

Daniel F.
CEO, Co-founder